11 Exercises burn fat to do at home. To get in shape it is not strictly necessary to leave home. Training in a simple, complete and effective way is possible if you follow a rigorous discipline and the best thing is that it is available to all since there are multiple exercises that can be done comfortably from your home. Do you want to know more? Then, you should not miss the article we have prepared for you.

We discover the best fat burning exercises to do at home that you can do leaving the vagueness aside, looking for the necessary motivation and making a small effort to achieve the results you crave. Put on comfortable clothes, put on some good sneakers and stay at home. Because losing those extra pounds is now available to everyone!

Exercises burn fat to do at home

11 Exercises burn fat to do at home to follow:

01. To start a training routine at home, the first thing you should do is look for a good location. When you have a space in which you can move freely, you can start doing fat burning exercises. Performing fitness at home is possible with the will, desire and effort.

02. The first exercise you can do to burn calories from home is to perform squats; You can also make a simple chair a good workbench. With this exercise, you will work your legs and glutes.

It simply consists of sitting down and getting up by pulling your backside and supporting your weight on your heels, as if you were going to sit in the chair but not get to do it. To avoid injury, your knees should never be ahead of your heels, but in a straight line. On the other hand, the feet must be open parallel to the shoulders. Another good option is to perform squats with your back against the wall.

Exercises burn fat to do at home

03. To continue with the leg training we propose you the strides, an ideal exercise to burn fat and at the same time tone and strengthen your glutes. It’s about separating your legs one forward and the other back. Flex the leg that is in front and keeps the heel raised from the back. Remember that the weight should rest on the flexed leg.

In this position, you should lower slowly with your back straight. Do 10 repetitions and then change your leg to repeat the exercise again. To avoid injuries, ensure that the knee is not more advanced than the ankle and keep an eye on the position of your back.

If you want to burn more fat while striding, we suggest you complete the exercise by taking the weight . You can do it with some small weights, some cans or some small sack of food – for example rice -, with which you put more pressure when going down and up. The greater the effort, the more fats you will burn.

Exercises burn fat to do at home

04. Work your abductors at home! Place a mat on the floor and lie on it on its side. Hold your head with one of your arms and look for support with the other arm, which may touch the ground.

In this position, you must raise the upper leg – the one that is not lying on the floor – to the height of the hip approximately. The more slowly you raise the leg the more you work your thighs and glutes. Remember that the tip of the foot forward. Do 10 repetitions before changing sides and performing the exercise with the other leg.


05. Another good exercise to work the abductors is to stay lying on the floor on their side with their legs crossed, that is, the leg above should rest on the floor but always passing in front of the other.

The leg that has remained in the base is the one that should rise as high as possible. At that point, you must return to the starting position by slowly lowering the leg. Do several repetitions and then change sides to work with the leg that has served as support.

06. The pelvic elevation is an ideal exercise to improve the pelvic floor, work the abdomen and burn calories at the same time. Lie on the floor on your back, bend your knees and support your weight with the soles of your feet.

Exercises burn fat to do at home

In this position, you must raise the pelvis, take off the rear of the floor and maintain the balance in this position making strength with the abdomen. You should only be supported by the shoulder blades and maintain the position for at least one minute. Then you can relax and prepare to repeat the exercise again.


07. We can not forget the background work, therefore, we try with push-ups! This time you should lie on your stomach with your knees resting on the floor and your feet crossed up. Open your arms well, as they will be the members with whom you will make the impulse to get up. Your body should be in a straight line, never higher than your backside.

In this position, you will have to raise and lower flexing the arms and without touching the floor or chest with the gut. If you have enough strength you can also do the exercise with your legs fully stretched and simply resting your toes on the ground. Ready to do push-ups!

08. In our training burn homemade fats we will also work triceps. Take a chair, which will be your workbench or any other surface that does not move. Stand in front of your support but turning your back, lean on it with your hands facing forward and with your feet completely glued to the ground. Keep your back straight while flexing and extending your elbows to work your arm muscles. You will notice!

Exercises burn fat to do at home

09. The abdominal work is very important to burn fat and lose weight, in addition to getting a flat stomach. We suggest toning the abdominals focusing the next exercise on the transverse, which will help you reduce waste. This routine is also known as the iron since you must keep your body erect in a block and hold in this position for 10 or 15 seconds to start, although you can get well on the minute.

You will have to lie down with your elbows on the ground and keep your back straight with the back and legs fully stretched, supporting you simply with the tips of your feet. Elevate your body, contract it and make strength to sustain you. It is a perfect abdominal job.

10. If you have a stationary bike, a treadmill or an elliptical at home … you have the training assured! These machines will help you perform more specific exercises, keeping pace, increasing the difficulty and intensity of your work. They are a good tool for fat burning exercises at home.

11. Finally, remember that you will not achieve anything if you do not complete your training routines with a good diet, healthy and balanced and correct hydration. They are essential factors to burn fat, lose calories and get a slender silhouette and a fit figure. Doing these exercises at home will help you improve your physical condition and lose those extra pounds in a simple and economical way. You sign up?