6 Tips to Consider While Buying an Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is very helpful in your day to day jobs. There is a lot that can be prepared and achieved with the help of such a kettle. However, the process of purchasing an electric kettle can sometimes be overwhelming. Some tips or factors that have to be taken into consideration are as below.

1. The total capacity of the kettle

The capacities of an electric kettle in the market can range from 1 to 2 liters. Also most of the kettles are around the 1.5 liter mark and this is enough for a lot of people. In case, you are going to boil the water for 1 or 2 cups of coffee, even a 1 liter model is appropriate.

2. Time duration required to boil the water

In addition to the capacity of the kettle, the consumers will also want to know how smooth and fast the kettle is. The reason for using a kettle is to have hot water instantly. A decent kettle will take a maximum of 4 minutes to boil the water.

3. An option to keep warm

The keep warm option is another handy and important feature and an ability of the kettle to keep the water warm for as long as possible. Some models will be able to keep warm for 30 minutes while some are able to do the same for an hour.

4. A boil dry protection and an auto shutoff

This is an extremely important safety feature. There are a few models that claim to have this particular feature, but in reality it doesn’t actually work that way. In case this feature doesn’t work, there is always a risk of a fire hazard.

5. Check for a cordless base for the purpose of easy serving

The cord getting in the way while pouring water can be very annoying. Thus it is important to seek for a cordless base for an ease of usage. On an additional note, most of the new models can also have a separate base, thus allowing the user to carry and lift the kettle without having to be disturbed by the cord.

6. Minimum amount of water to boil

Sometimes, there is no need to boil a lot of water. However a minimal amount of water always need to be boiled. If your kettle doesn’t allow you to boil even a couple of cups, then it’s of no use.

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