To create a resume that suits your needs, transmit your message and show what you should follow the following 5 steps that we show you below. Remember: no one has lost a battle before starting it and the best way to get an interesting and attractive job is to believe in yourself and know that you are capable.

Therefore, we give you this brief guide where we show you how to create an effective curriculum in 5 steps.

You will need to:

  1. Take your time
  2. A previous CV prepared by hand
  3. Access to a computer

Steps to follow:

  • The first thing you must do to create an effective curriculum is to correctly define the objective of your CV: In order for the selector to be interested in continuing to read your CV, you must clearly define from the beginning what the purpose of your CV is. That will cause an effective first impression to get an interview.
  • Then, you must back up your strengths and qualities with facts. Knowing what to emphasize, when and how in the curriculum vitae is to support these qualities and talents to attract attention.
  • To get an effective curriculum vitae, you must use the appropriate keywords: read carefully the job description and use exactly the same words or definitions that the advertisement requests.
  • Next, use an effective title or accompany the CV with a cover letter. Although it is difficult to accept, employers commonly spend up to 45 seconds to do the first review preselecting or discarding the CV.
  • The last step to know how to create an effective curriculum in 5 steps is to define what exactly you want to demonstrate before writing your document. Whoever reads it, will be very impressed if from the beginning you get the feeling of who wrote the CV knows what you want.

    Consider including your professional goals as this can help give a clear idea of ​​where you are going and how you want to get there. You do not need to write a special section dedicated to your personal objectives but your CV, in general, must transmit it.

    If you decide to write a section dedicated to your goals, make sure you are not making a list of generic objectives: the more concise and specific they are, the greater the projection of a determined and focused personality.


  • Being in a good mood
  • Write a different CV for each job proposal