Doing push-ups correctly can be a challenge for those who start in the field of fitness. It is one of the most demanding exercises but, at the same time, one of the most effective to work the upper body train. So doing them properly is not only going to translate into better physical results, but also at a lower risk of injury.

If you are looking for information on how to do push-ups correctly, you are reading the indicated article. We will reveal all the details about all the information you need to know about it.

Steps to follow to do push-ups correctly:

01. The push-ups or push-ups are ideal to strengthen the musculature of the back and shoulders. The most common belief is that they are exercises that will help to have larger arms, but while it helps to achieve this goal, the greatest impact falls on other muscles, specifically, this exercise will help you especially to strengthen and increase the pectorals. Of course, lizards are very versatile movements, since only a small change is enough to start working on a different group of muscles. And in this sense, the position of the hands is vital: depending on its location, the movement can benefit a particular muscle group. So, in addition to the pectorals, arms, shoulders, and back, you can work your abdomen and legs very well.


02. Unlike other exercises, the lizards only require a large enough physical space to execute the movement without problems. No other additional equipment is necessary, except for clothing and adequate hydration. In this sense, it is one of the most popular exercises to do at home, especially by those who do not have the possibility of investing in training machines. Here you work with the weight of your own body and with the will to do the training

03. To begin to do push-ups correctly you must first stretch the muscles very well to ensure a greater range of motion and limit the possibility of injuries. One of the most common stretches for the upper body consists of bringing the hands behind the body and holding them at waist height. Then extend the arms in such a way that they move away from the body, stretching the chest for about 15 seconds to return to the initial position.

Another stretch consists of putting under the door frame, with the arms on each side of the frame, as if holding them, taking care that the elbows are at shoulder height. Then you take a step with your right leg as if you wanted to move forward, but with firm arms on each side of the door. The stretch lasts about 30 seconds to finish bringing the body to the initial position.

04. One way to start doing push-ups correctly is with a modification of the movement, ideal for those who start and still cannot sustain their own weight with the classic flex. In this case, the upper body is supported by the arms, with the hands aligned with the shoulders, but the lower part rests on the knees, which must be together. This position gives greater stability and allows to obtain better results in the beginners.


05. The classic flexion is executed on the floor, face down, supporting the hands aligned with the shoulders. The feet are slightly separated and with the tips of the fingers supporting the floor. Then, we use the arms to take off the torso from the ground, lift it and then descend until it brushes the chest with the ground.

In the lizards, the body does not return to the floor during the descent, if you do it is better to rest and start again since it can be risky for your column to try to resume the movement from there.

06. During the whole movement, the back must be kept straight, the shoulders back, the head facing forward and the right neck to avoid tension. Contraction of the abdominal area helps maintain stability, however, it is normal that the first few times it is difficult to contract while being attentive to the rest of the body. The important thing is to try it until it comes out, and for that it takes time.

However, if you feel the need to straighten the spine to keep the body straight, it is best to take a break, as you could generate an injury when trying to do this. A practical way to check if the flexion is doing properly is to do it in front of a mirror or ask someone to take a photo where you can see your body along. This will determine if the body stays aligned or not.

07. The use of dolls is vital to make push-ups correctly. The common thing is to use the palms of the open hands, but the adequate thing to avoid tension is to use the edge of the hand. A practical way to help yourself is by holding dumbbells.

08. The correct way to do push-ups is using a non-slip mat or a yoga mat and with the shoes on. Doing it barefoot, with socks or directly on the floor will make the movement more difficult since the feet will slide and you will not be able to maintain stability.


09. As with all training, the important thing is to concentrate on executing the movement in the most correct and clean way possible, instead of the amount of exercise to be performed. The push-ups require a level of body coordination that can only be acquired with time and discipline. Once the exercise is executed in an appropriate manner, the amount can be increased, according to the desired objectives.