Do you have a jewel, but do not know if really the brilliant that looks is a real diamond? To know how to recognize a diamond you must pay attention to keys such as color, cut, hardness, heat or reflection.

We reveal some simple methods to distinguish if your diamond is true or false, although if after making these checks you still have doubts, you can always consult a professional appraiser or a specialized jeweler


What it is and how a diamond forms

To know how to differentiate a real diamond from an imitation, it is essential to know what a diamond is and where it comes from.

A diamond is a natural mineral formed by pure carbon atoms that, under specific conditions of pressure and temperature, become a precious stone. Although its composition is the simplest, its hardness and brightness are characteristics that give it the title of the most economical gemstone and the hardest natural matter known, as indicated by the name of the diamond, from the Greek Adamas or adamantium, which means invincible.

The origin of the diamond is located in India approximately 2,800 years ago. However, it was not until the 17th century when these precious stones began to be transported to Europe and became the most precious jewel.

Diamond Features

If the diamond is characterized by something, it is by four key points, the known 4C’s in English: weight (carat), color, clarity (purity) and size (cut). The price of diamonds varies depending on their weight, color, and purity, which makes it the most valuable gemstone in the market.

Diamond weight

Diamonds measure their weight in carats, a measure that is applied to other precious stones and is the fundamental factor in establishing their price. One carat equals 0.20 grams.

Diamond color

The color of this jewel gives it the title of the most appreciated gemstone. In fact, color can also directly influence the price of a diamond. Diamonds have a scale of colors that go from exceptional white to brown, yellow, through extra white, white, white with a slight touch of color or light color. This color scale begins with D, for the most colorless diamonds, and ends with the Z, the yellowest.

Diamond purity

Pure diamonds are those formed thanks to certain conditions, such as pressure and temperature. The pure carbon atoms that make up this mineral become diamonds after thousands of years. The purer a diamond is, the lighter it receives and reflects, so it will shine more brightly. The purity of this stone also directly influences its price.

Diamond cut

The size or cut influences the diamond in two ways: type and quality. As for the type, you should know that there are many possible sizes among which the heart, princess, oval, emerald, cushion or pear stand out.

As for quality, it is an aspect that should be given a lot of attention. Diamonds with asymmetrical and proportionate size reflect more light, so they shine brighter. The quality scale includes different degrees, from excellent quality to poor quality.


How to recognize a true diamond from a fake one

Now that you know the main characteristics of diamonds, it will be much easier for you to recognize a real diamond. Next, we describe the keys to know how to differentiate it with the naked eye.

Diamond reflection

It is one of the main keys to know if a diamond is true or false. These jewels are characterized by their extraordinary brightness, so observing it carefully you can check its veracity through the reflection. The sparkles emitted by diamonds are a grayish tone, which will ensure their authenticity. Also, the brightness is greater than that of glass or quartz of the same size, so you can take it as a reference.

Read through the diamond

It is one of the tricks that work best to discover the authenticity of a diamond, and one of the most used in the world of cinema. Place the diamond on a written paper or newspaper and see if you can clearly read the text through it. If the result is negative, you will know that it is a fake diamond.

Diamond hardness and heat

Diamond is the hardest material, so it is capable of grating any other material. Checking how hard the jewel is will let you know if it is a real diamond or an imitation.

Also, thanks to its hardness, you can recognize an authentic diamond if you heat the stone for 30 seconds and drop it into a glass of cold water. If it breaks or cracks, it will be a false piece. In case of being a real diamond, it would not suffer any damage due to its resistance.

Diamond vapor test

Taking a steam test with the diamond will help you recognize its authenticity. Breathe over the piece so that it becomes fogged with your breath. If you see that the stone remains fogged for a few seconds, there is no doubt that it is a fake. In case the diamond was true, the exhalation would not cause anything in it.

Pricing of a diamond

Finally, remember that the most effective and safest method to get out of doubt and know if your diamond is true or not is to go to a professional jeweler so you can take the piece. Thanks to his work, you will have no doubt about the authenticity of the jewel.