One of the cultivation methods that allows you to design both simple and complex structures in any type of soil taking advantage of any area, from roofs and gardens to rugged terrains or infertile soils, is hydroponics. It is a set of techniques that you can use to prepare your crops in your own home.

Do you want to know how to make a hydroponics system at home? We give you the answer. Discover everything about the so-called landless agriculture. You’ll love it!

What is hydroponics

To talk about hydroponics we must go back to antiquity. Hydroponics is a method of cultivation that was previously carried out on land. This technique is called soilless agriculture, since it is based on growing plants anywhere: roofs, gardens, infertile soils, rugged terrain … The question is to work in water, as well as in media and structures that allow you to anchor and/or sustain the plant and provide a nutritious solution in order to cultivate it correctly. The good thing, besides, is that you do not need many products for hydroponics.

How hydroponics is done

The homemade hydroponic system is not designed to make a large crop of plants. It is a particular system that combines a set of techniques supported on substrates, the media that support the plants and their own needs, such as temperature, humidity, water or nutrients.

Thanks to hydroponics, you can grow in different areas and take advantage of those areas that are not as productive, either by space, climate change, lack of water … It is a useful alternative for home farming since it allows you to cultivate quality products and fast growth in small spaces.

Hydroponics system

How to make a homemade hydroponics system

Although hydroponics is a relatively simple cultivation technique, not everyone is encouraged to carry it out. However, below, we explain how to build your own aquatic system to carry out hydroponics from home. Take note.

Hydroponic growing systems

Within hydroponics, there are several cultivation techniques. The easiest to do at home are:

  1. Water culture: it is the simplest method. It consists of suspending the plants in the water through a platform. Ideal to grow 5 to 6 plants at a time.
  2. Flooding and drainage: it is easy and economical. It involves preparing a tray with plants and placing it on a water reservoir, connected to a pipe system. The water pump will get the necessary nutrients for its growth. In addition, the surplus liquid can be reused later. Basically, the tray will be flooded with water and nutrient solutions that will be absorbed through the substrate.
  3. Drip system: it is the most traditional method. You can make the excess water reuse again thanks to the collection system.

Hydroponics for beginners

Remember that hydroponics is a system that is based on the crop with the minimum amount of soil and maximum water. If you want to prepare your hydroponic aquatic culture, you must follow the following steps :

  • Look for a waterproof container or tank.
  • Paint it with translucent black spray and let it dry.
  • Measure the length and width of your container with a measuring tape and use them to cut a polystyrene board somewhat smaller than the container, so that it can easily adjust to changes in water level.
  • When you have cut the polystyrene, make holes to place the pots that you will grow. The amount will depend on the size and the polystyrene container.
  • Next, place a pump strong enough to provide your plants with the necessary oxygen. You can ask for advice about it in stores specialized in hydroponics.
  • Connect an airline in the pump. This should be long enough to reach the bottom of the tank or, at least, float in the middle of the container so that the oxygen bubbles that are produced properly reach the roots of the plants.
  • Install the hydroponics system. To do this, you must fill the tank with a nutrient solution, place the polystyrene plate with the plants inside, fill it with pots and plug in and start the pump to start cultivating them.

Preparing your own hydroponic garden at home is ideal for planting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, celery or cucumbers, plants perfect for aquatic cultivation. The soil will act as a means of preserving the essential nutrients for the growth of plants.

Advantages of homemade hydroponics

Hydroponics system
The hydroponics system is a simple, clean and productive culture technique. Among its advantages, it should be noted, that it can be applied to any area and for almost any product and that, in addition, it does not require large amounts of water to carry it out.

Of course, in order to obtain successful cultivation results, it is necessary to keep an exhaustive control of the needs of the plant and the nutritional solutions that you will provide them, in order to ensure optimal growth.

If you want to know more about the hydroponic system, do not hesitate to consult the specialized stores. They will give you the keys so that you can correctly build a homemade hydroponic garden.