My armpits smell very bad!

What home product can I use to eliminate the bad odor of armpits?

What deodorant can I use to remove the strong underarm odor?

The 12 best homemade tips to eliminate the bad smell of armpits.

1. Wash your armpits well with a cloth or shower glove to remove any remaining deodorant residue.

2. In the morning apply some vinegar or apple cider on your armpits and let it dry. At night, before sleep, perform the same treatment to eliminate armpit odor. Do not worry if you feel that the vinegar smell is very strong, after a few minutes it will disappear. In addition, apple cider vinegar is super effective to lighten the armpits. You do not need to put on deodorant.

3. Aloe vera or aloe vera is a home remedy against underarm odor and underarm perspiration. Before going to bed, apply a little aloe vera gel on the armpits to neutralize the bad smell and let it work all night.

4. Bicarbonate is another natural product for excessive underarm sweating and neutralizes bad odors. Apply the bicarbonate constantly over the armpits every time you feel it smells bad. If you have very sensitive skin, the bicarbonate is not good for you since it could peel the skin.

5. If the armpits sweat a lot, mix a little talcum and bicarbonate and apply in your armpits. These two products will help you neutralize odors and reduce sweat.

6. Many people have found that lettuce leaves have helped them to reduce underarm odor. Squeeze some lettuce leaves or crush it in a mortar and apply the juice as a tonic in your armpits. You can store the liquid in a jar and go with it as deodorant everywhere.

7. Another tip to avoid the bad smell of armpits with natural herbs is thyme or rosemary. Prepare an infusion and apply in the armpits as a lotion. You can apply it all day.

8. The radish juice (radish) is another homemade trick to remove odors from the armpits. Apply several times a day and every day to eliminate underarm odor.

9. Lemon, for its antibacterial properties, will help you reduce the bad smell of the armpits. Rub a lemon cap in the armpits and let it act. Rinse and reapply lemon as a deodorant.

10. Shave the armpits well or remove all the hairs with liquid wax to prevent them from smelling bad. Do not apply lemon or vinegar directly after shaving as it could inflame the armpits.

11. If you consume strong spices, onions or garlic every day, you will have a strong armpit odor when you sweat. So it is best to avoid your daily consumption.

12. Always carry some cotton with you to wash your armpits without anyone noticing. And apply one of these homemade tricks or an antiperspirant deodorant.