When we spend some time outside the job search market, or away from what is due and what should not be done during this stage, we tend to be uninformed, in this way we lose details of those things that are important when presenting our work summary, that’s why at We give you some signs that your resume needs to be updated

Steps to follow to update your Resume:

  1. Make sure that your resume is not called “Curriculum”, companies receive hundreds of files a day, so your name should be the first thing that appears, both in the physical and digital CV, in case you send it by email, that’s the first step to highlight
  2. Check the information you have on your CV and highlight only the one that you think is relevant and that speaks of you at a professional level. Possibly if you already have 7 or 10 years exercising no one is interested if you won a prize in a spelling bee or if you graduated with honors from the institute, show your logos in more advanced stages
  3. Check the photo of your resume and make sure it is updated, because it will be the first image that your potential employer sees of you, so if you are 35 years old now, do not put a photo of your 20 since obviously, you will have physically changed. That the image is a reflection similar to what you are today
  4. If your work has to do with media, technology, technical support, IT and other related areas, it is important that in the contact information apart from your phone and email, you also add social networks : your Linkedin address, the URL of your blog (if you have it) and your Twitter only if your opinions do not hurt you, this shows that you are aware of its importance at a professional level
  5. Review the professional experience that appears in your resume and highlight your skills according to the type of work you apply, eliminate everything that is left over is a good strategy to avoid distracting your employees with useless information
  6. Check the way your curriculum is designed if you feel it no longer reflects your personality and aptitudes, or if you see that the model is quite classic and outdated, it’s time to change it
  7. Remember that this document is the first approximation that someone will have of you at work, so it is important to keep it as up-to-date as possible