What are some hacks or advice on panties for girls?

I hope these advices would be useful

Always prefer cotton panties. They help in transfer for air.

What are some hacks or advice on panties for girls? 2

  • Change your panties with new one in every six months. This is because as per time panties develop bacteria.
  • If you have problem-related to white discharge or sometimes you feel wet at the crotch area than use panty liners.
  • If you have fear of stain n your clothes during menstruation. Than double the pad. I mean use two pads to avoid stain.
  • Use panty liner to avoid the presentation of vagina from your legging or trousers.
  • Every girl should have three-colour panties in her wardrobe. One is white second is black and third is nude. These panties go or blend with every colour and it safes you from presentation of your panties from your clothes.
  • There are panties in the market that are useful in hiding tummy fat. Use these panties if you want to hide your tummy.
  • Don’t wear too tight panties. It makes your vagina darker.
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    I hope this advice is useful for girls.