It has always been thought that women feel colder than men, but is that true? 

Of course, although evidence has been obtained, not all cases have to be part of the rule. However, it is shown that most women feel colder than men. 

In most cases, women are characterized by having a body smaller than men. They have a smaller amount of muscle mass. This makes them feel colder. 

The body temperature can be the same in both sexes, but the size of the body influences the response that the organism gives to the change in temperatures.

Normally men are bigger, both in height and weight. Because of this, in people of the male sex, the heat can spread faster because of its size. 

By having more volume they regulate their temperature quickly. While, to women, it takes more time. 

The greater the proportion of muscle mass, the greater the production of heat. For this reason, men feel warmer than women. In the summer they tolerate less heat than women. 

Interestingly, women feel colder than men because, when the temperature is low, the body heat is concentrated in the central organs, therefore, the blood circulation does not flow equally towards the extremities. 

Recommendations to not feel colder

To avoid feeling colder than other people in social gatherings of any kind, it is best to take certain measures to be comfortable with the temperature. 

Use several layers of clothing (to maintain internal temperature). 

Drink plenty of fluids. You can drink infusions but it is also important to drink water at room temperature. 

Take care of food It is recommended to make several meals a day to keep the body producing energy. It is recommended to include small portions of foods that have carbohydrates at each meal. 

Exercise regularly. Doing some sport or at least walking, at least 3 times a week, will increase muscle mass. 

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time.